Tuesday, January 26, 2010

ladies and gentlemen..introducing....

HI EVERYONE!! Nice to meet you!

so this is my first blog and I don't really know what to say..I guess I'll fill you in on 19 years of life so you be all can caught up on the ins and outs of little old me and my little old life.

You already know this but I'm Aly and I'm 19 years old. I was born with cerebral palsy and because of this I walk with a walker. Having a disability can sometimes be annoying because its like a constant fight to get what you want or deserve but I wouldn't change my life because i think it has given me a deeper compassion and a deeper insight. i am an only child and have two wonderful parents who are my best friends

When I was in my first few years of high school I was terribly bullied and it was a really hard time for me. one day I had friends and the next day I was target. I fought the school to let me leave (i had to have a special bus bring me to school so the school board had to ok it) and finally they let me go...with lovely parting words "nothings going to change your just going to be walking right back into the lions den. no one is going to like you there either." Classy no? haha

I'm proud to say that there was no lion's den at my new school. I made tons of friends who I still call great friends, was on the honor role, got involved with school activities and never felt better:D I also was given the opportunity to volunteer as a teacher's assistant in the special ed class at my school. Working with those kids was one of the things I am most proud of in my life. they see the world with such innocence and joy...their perspective of the world is something the rest of us can only dream of.

In quebec we go to grade 11 in high school and then have two years of cegep (a pre university/college) there I also got involved in alot of things that led to me getting receiving 2 scholarships....the terry fox humanitarian award and the millenium excellence award..which go towards for paying for university.

I never finished cegep because I got sick with chronic migraines and had a kidney stone..so I had to take a leave of absence in my last semester so I ended up going straight to university...i moved to halifax nova scotia to go to dalhousie university. I was studying therapeutic recreation.

Unfortunately i got sick yet again but this time really sick...i was in hospital for 7 weeks! i could stop getting sick to my stomach, i had a kidney stone and lost tons of weight. finally they let me out but i am on medical leave no till september because im still sick and they're trying to figure out whats wrong...they think i have a problem with my kidneys that makes me sick. so hopefully problem will be fixed soon.

i don't think im gonna go back to dal...its rly expensive and i can go to school for way cheaper here and get an apartment downtown with a friend instead of living in a dorm

well i think this may be the most boring blog and life ever!!! lol I hope I start getting followers...i promise now that ur caught on the boring details of my life my next entries will be more juicy! until then here are a few fun facts u might wanna know about me

favorite movies: (i love chick flicks) a walk to remember, the notebook, 27 dresses and so many more im a big cheese ball
favorite book: the lovely bones
fav tv shows: gossip girl,one tree hill, 90210, keeping up with kardashians, two and a half men, big bang theory, (i secretly watch newlyweds: nick and jessica haha)

see you soon:)

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