Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Top 2 Tuesday!

I realize it is no longer Tuesday..I know, I know I'm late but I want to partake.This week over at the undomesticated momma the top 2 subject is dream houses. I got really excited about this because I can't wait to have my own place that can be all about me. Don't get me wrong I live my parents house..I have been here my whole life but have something of my own would be awesome!

Here goes......

1. Nick and Jessica's House from Newlyweds

I love the shape of this house...its so uniqure. It does you and its just really fresh and fun. I like that there are alot of windows around which gives you a ton of natural light. I think it might be hard to get privacy though. Can't be walking around naked if u know what I mean lol. I love how clean looking all the rooms are. they seem so fresh and open

the kitchen is my favorite!! i love the stainless steel appliances and the granite countertops ( i love how granite feels). I also really like the look of the wood. Its classy without making the room look out of date
check more photos out here

Number 2: Nicole Richie and Joel Madden's house

This house makes me want to sit outside and have a BBQ every single day. Soooo pretty and cozy. Its totally modern while still having a cottagey country feel. Its like having the best of both worlds. I love everything about it

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  1. Hey Aly, saw you replied to my discussion on 20sb. Cute blog! And I'm so jealous, I LOVE Montreal! Anyway, I would be happy with a house half the size of either of these. Probably even smaller. My boyfriend keeps promising me he's going to build me one someday (he's in construction) and he has pretty good taste, so maybe I'll get lucky!!


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