Thursday, July 8, 2010

I miss your smile!

Omgoodness where have I been?...sooo sorry I haven't updated in awhile I've been feeling extra sick and have had no energy to blog. I'm now:)

I have been really blessed with the people who are in my life or have been in my life because each of them has enriched my life or taught me something that I really needed to learn. I thought I take some time to tell y'all about my grandparents. Growing up I went to school pretty far from home so on the weekend I didn't really have friends over because most of them lived closed to where I went to school so it was hard for them to get here. Being an only child I spent alot of time with adults and especially my grandparents.

Sorry for the bad pic I could find anything else. shes the one in the blue outfit

Nanny is/was my Mom's Mom. She passed away when I was 4 years old at the age of 61. She was my best friend. It sometimes is hard to remember things because I was so young but the one thing that has always remained clear to me is how much I loved and still love her. She was really funny and had a heart of gold. Everyone says she is were I get my sense of homor from. Nanny never really liked having people touch her (oe so she wanted everyone to believe) but suddenly when I came along I had carte blanche. I remember taking a big bottle of hand cream and just about emptying it and putting it all over her and she did not say a word. She went through alot in her life and still manage to come out shining on the other side. I think that if she were here now she would be the best friend I could ask for and she probably would have kept my feet on the ground when I get totally caught in myself and whats going on around me.

Nana & Poppy were my Dad's parents. Nana passed away this past year and Poppy passed away about 6 years ago. Poppy was absolutely wondeful. He was one of those old gentlemen you see in black and white movies. He was always well dressed (to this day when ever I see mens dress shoes I think of him) He liked to have the best quality and he was not afraid to spend a pretty penny if thought it was worth it. I remember being at my grandparents apartment and it was raining outside. They were really worried about me being bored so Poppy took me in the car and brought me to the mall. He let me run wild in a toy store I said I could pick one thing I really wanted and it didn't matter what it was. I was so excited and picked out this Barney puppet making kit. He was an amazing dancer (think Noah and Allie from the Notebook dancing in the street) and everyone was totally envious of my grandma. He was very grounded and would do anything for anyone. Whats the best memory I have? Him singing along to oldies like frank sinatra and attempting to sing the same way he did. He thought he sounded exactly like him. Poppy was a wonderful who nicknamed me Stinky (I pooped on his lap when I was little) and to this day when someone calls me Stinky I don't mind because it makes my heart smile.

Nana is kinda of different story. You see she wasn't exactly the nicest person in the world. (I know you are probably thinking I'm terrible but hear me out) I wish I could tell you what made her this way but I have never figured it out myself. She wanted everyone to think she was she lived the same life as the Queen. She ragged my Poppy's ass every moment of his life and was mean to him. She was extremely jealous of everyone and everything. It was hard growing up because all I wanted was a grandma who like to cuddle and be nice but instead I got remarks about things I seemed to always be doing wrong. Example..we were in a fancy restaurant and as we left she said to the waitress "my granddaughter wasn't blessed in many ways but we love her anyway" Surprisingly sometimes I find myself really missing her and I never thought I would.

So to all of you out there if I could give you one piece of advice..LOVE YOUR GRANDPARENTS!! Get as much time with them as you can...absorb their wisdom,feel their love and give them a hug at any chance you get. There will never be a relationship like the one with your grandparents. They are a true gift from god<3


  1. Hi there, having special people around makes you feel so good, my both grandmothers are great,I love them to bits, unfortunatly one of my grandfathers pased away few years, and my other I never met, so I missed out on that and he was great man
    have a nice weekend

  2. You are just too sweet and kind :) I loved reading about your grandparents! You are right we have to cherish every single moment we have with them :) I hope you have a great day!


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