Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Golden Globe Round Up

Ever since I was a little girl all I've ever wanted to to wear glamourous gowns everyday. I love them. Seriously I would wear a dress every day if I could. I wanted to do prom 10 times over not because it was a great experience but because I wanted to wear as many fancy dresses as I could

Here are some gowns from the golden globes that I wish I could steal

Do I really have to comment? LOVE.

I LOVE THIS DRESS SO MUCH. It's Big, Bold and Beautiful. The color is lovely and I love how fancy it is. She looked Gorgeous and it was nice to see how well her and her husband are doing after his cancer scare. Just fabulous


The Glee cast went big this year looking a bit of alright. I think Heather Morris AKA Brittany S. Pears was looking good. This is mean but I've only ever seen her on Glee and I thought she was really unattractive but on the red carpet she's beautiful. Is that just me? Do you think they change her look on the show on purposed

Dianne Agron was a classic beauty in J Mendel. She always looks so fabulous. I love the simplicity of the dress and the way it flows. I think the red lips were the perfect pop of color.

I am just going to put it out there...I am lovin me some mustard yellow this season. I thinks it so fresh and fun and is the perfect way to remember that sunshine does exist (even through all the snow) I think Keira looks amazeballs. Her dress seems really similar to the dress Michelle Williams wore to the 2006 Oscars=

Ah My girl Carrie and I are having a bit of tiff right now. She came to Montreal with her hubs not too long ago and their rental BMW full of shopping bags was stolen and now Carrie says she never coming back to Montreal. I think that was a bit extreme cause I mean C'Mon that could really happen anywhere. I would be upset too but don't stereotype a whole sit based on one thing Its not even her car. I still love you though Carrie and hope you'll come back. Doesn't she look fab? I love the sparkles on the dress and I find that ever since she's been with Mike she just glows with happiness. I guess its true what Audrey Hepburn said "The happiest girls are the prettiest girls"

Not only does Mrs. Wahlberg have good arm candy but she's rocking it in this fab dress. I love the detail in the bust and the color is gorge

Is it just me or is it ridiculous how pretty Selena Gomez is? For someone so young she always looks so well put together. Her crotch is never hanging out, no nipple slips...she's all class. (which is more than I can say some people these days. I love this dress and I want it for myself. The color is great and I love how you get a peek-a-boo of cleavage without it being too over the top

Pink and ruffles ....enough said

What were your favorites?

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