Monday, November 1, 2010

blogger Challenge Catch up: 18-21

Omg guys where the heck have I been!! I didn't think I'd been gone that long..sooo sorry! I have not been feeling well lately. My new BFF is my bed.

Alrighty on that note time for some serious catch up in the blogger challenge! Ready? 1,2,3...GO

Day 18: Something you regret

Honestly I don't think that I regret anything that has happened my life so far. Are there things I wish would have turned out differently, Yes! but I don't know where I would be or what would really happen if things turned out different. I know how I wanted them to turn out but that is just a fantasy in my mind...a different scenario could be way worse than i could imagine. So I am going to say no I don't regret anything right now.

Day 19: Something you miss
I miss my Gege! I came across an essay question I answered for a scholarship I applied for. It was "tell us about a family member who has influenced you"
3. My grandfather who I called Gege has been a very influential person in my life. He was my grandmother’s partner for the last twenty years of her life. My biological grandfather was not in my life until I was older and so Gege became more of grandfather to me. He was an amazing man and has impacted my life in way I will not forget. He was one of the kindness men I have ever known. He taught me how to be a compassionate person and showed me how one simple act of kindness can make a big difference in another person’s life. My grandfather spent his life giving to others all the while not having much himself. I spent a lot of time with him visiting elderly people who he did housework and errands for. Although he would occasionally charge a small fee he spent a lot of time with them that he not receive compensation for. He became friends with all the people he worked with and you could always see how much they loved him. There was one women that he had been working for who was diagnosed with alzemiers. She became increasing ill and my grandfather would take care of her out of the kindess of his heart. She had a very specific diet because she had many allergies so my grandfather would make her all the foods she liked and could eat. He would visit her every weekend and a lot of the time he would bring me with him. He was very patient with her as she would repeat the same stories constantly but he was always there to keep her company. The woman would call him frantically in the middle of night because she would be fearful and forget how to get into bed or do other simple things. He never was angry about her phone calls and would always take the time to calm her. Once she went into the hospital my grandfather would visit her everyday and bring me with him on weekends. He taught me how importance of caring about others and making sure they are ok. I don’t think he ever realized the effect he had on the people he worked with. It was something he did out of the kindness heart. He was such a gentlemen. He showed respect to all people, especially his elders. As much as he instilled in me the importance of kindness, the greatest gift he gave me was love. He loved me without any expectations. I could be whoever I wanted and it didn’t matter to him because he just loved me. He always made me feel like there was nothing in the world I could do or say to make him love me any less. I went through a period where I was severely bullied at school because I walk with a walker.i had no friends and the only interaction I had was with my family. Each weekend he would spend time taking me shopping or to a restaurant. He always made sure that I felt special and he would do whatever to put a smile on my face. He didn’t have a lot but gave so much to others without realizing it. I feel so blessed to have known him. Although he is no longer with me his unconditional love and kindness will be with me forever. I will be able to go through life knowing that it’s not how much you have, its about how much you give.

Day 20: Nicknames

My dad has this funny and sometimes terrible thing where he has to make things rhyme so my nicknames from him are: Al the pal, Alyssa Pizza, Aly Oupster, Meat head (doesn't rhyme but he likes to jokingly call me this...he's lucky i like him)

Mom calls me sweet pea, Angel face, Schnuggie (I don't know where she gets it)

My poppy always called me Stinky because when I was a baby my mom undressed me to take a bath and handed me to him and I pooped on him (TMI..Sorry)

Most friends and family just call me Aly

Day 21: Picture of yourself

This picture makes me giggle. Its from my trip to Saskatoon to visit a friend. I was going through a really rough time and needed to get away from home. I was so happy to be there and so care free and relaxed. Love it!

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