Thursday, November 11, 2010

love for leggings

Hello all my lovely friends! sorry about my absence these past few days. Its been pretty hectic to say the least. I went for the colonoscopy. Everything is fine! My colon is in tip top shape. Should I be happy bout this? Yes. Am I? No. I'm devastated!! This was the end of the line. My last chance, My last hope of getting a diagnosis. Crying is not something I do very often. Especially not in public but as the doctor said Alyssa, There are no problems to be found. I bursted into tears asking him what am I going to do now. I feel so sick every minute of everyday with no explainable reason for it so far. If this is what life is going to be like I don't want it...I procceed to blubber on about how I feel like a failure for being sick and that I am losing, volunteering, my social life, the future I am supposed to have. I worked so hard for everything I have and now I feel like I am watching it slip away. I don't know what I am going to do...I have no hope left..I have an appointment with internal medicine in december but really I don't where that will take me. Not only did all this gone go on but I got sick to my stomach multiple times afterwards and by abdomin has been so I know

So for now all I have is my little old blog and my wonderful bloggy friends...OH AND ONE MORE THING...CLOTHES!! Thank goodness! Nothing like a pair of cozy legging to brighten up the day. (Side Note: Have you seen the new sequins legging they have out there? when the 30 day challenge is over) So I decided to wear em 2 days in a row. Fashion faux pas? maybe. Do I care? No I was comfy.

On another note did anyone what the CMA's last night? OMGeeee do I love me some country. I wish I was southern so I could say things like yall without have people look at me like an alien. A little southern girl twang wouldn't be so bad either. Forgive me I am getting side tracked. My girl Carrie Underwood was hosting it up with Brad Paisley if I do say so myself..and she was looking FAB-U-LOUS as usual! I loved her outfits and her hair so I thought I'd share pics with you guys. I wouldn't mind looking a quarter like her.

I think its safe to say I have a bit of a girl crush on Mrs. Carrie. lol I was also loving Rascal flatts song why wait and sugarland's performance of their song stuck like glue


  1. :( i don't know if you believe in the power of prayer but I will be praying for you. I sincerely hope you feel better soon. God bless

  2. Oh miss Aly. Everything is going to be OK! I know it must be so difficult going through what you are right now. I'm not even going to pretend to be able to imagine. But I know that our Heavenly Father loves us and that He's aware of our individual heartaches and struggles and needs at all times. He KNOWS what it's like to feel the way you do, and I know that if you go to Him in prayer, He will help you to feel comforted! I know it :) I will be praying for you. Keep your chin up and keep hoping. Trials in this life are what make us stronger ... just think what a warrior you're gonna be after all this is over :)

  3. omg you look adorable. So sorry to hear that you did not get the diagnosis you wanted =(

    You are such an inspiration, I LOVE seeing your outfits!!!

  4. I love your leggings looks- especially the second one! You totally rock that scarf.

    As far as everything going on in your life right now, you are by far one of the strongest people I've ever come across. To share all of your experience with us, and to let us into your life a little bit is so brave. And I hope you know that we are all praying for you and sending good, healthy vibes your way. And Sydney is right. God is awesome.

    And side note: I have a giant girl crush on Carrie, too. :)

  5. I will be praying for you and hope that you find out what's making you feel so awful. But I do LOVE the new blog design and Carrie...there are no words for how gorgeous that girl is!

  6. Holy Swoon - that yellow dress is like nothing I've ever seen.

  7. My love for leggings will be the same just as yours my friend. They can be paired with bras, tops, t shirts, flairs etc. Even can be worn at all the occasions, daily wear as well as perfect for workouts. Their stretch and perfect fit is amazingly comfortable for exercises and jogging too.


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