Monday, November 22, 2010

I didn't steal your boyfriend...just his jeans!

Holy! I wish I could celebrate American Thanksgiving too. Any excuse for a celebration that includes lots of food!

I am a jeans girl. I love em! I think they are the greatest thing since sliced bread. Growing up I couldn't really wear jeans because I couldn't do the buttons up on them. I have a weak bladder and I didn't get meds for it til I was fifteen so I needed something with easy access if you know what I mean and my hand coordination was not all that good. It was almost impossible to find a pair that didn't have button but also didn't look like a belonged in a retirement community. When I did find that pair I held on to em for dear life and wore them at least 3 days of the 5 day school. I was stuck most wearing sporty clothes which was and is quite ironic because I hate sports and do not have an athletic bone in my body. I'd look around at other girls around me and think "Damn you and your nice jeans" And then one day I don't know what happened but I suddenly was able to do them up. Hurray! *Its ok you can hold the applause* And I've never look back since.

As you can see from my recent outfits I am totally love the boyfriend jean right now. I just think their is something so sexy to them. To me they are like the equivalent of wearing your guys shirt and nothing else. Also they are super duper comfy. I feel very Rachel Bilson when I wear em but don't get me wrong my Skinnies will always be numero uno in this girls heart.

I have one problem when it comes to my jeans....I have yet to find the perfect pair that makes me feel good, fits and makes the boys go WOAH! I feel like I've always got plumber joe crack going on in the back or a love little muffin top in front. (who's with me?) size 1 is almost always too small and 3 is almost always too big. I find 2 so hard to find and even when I do they are not always the perfect. I am still searching and praying for the day I find that magic pair and when I do I will buy multiples!!!

Anyone else share the butt crack or muffin top problem? Who makes you perfect pair? ps. excuse the blurryness of the 2nd pic my Dad dropped my camera and now its a little on the fritz.

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  1. Love boyfriend jeans! Took me the longest time to warm up to them but now I can't get enough.

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