Wednesday, February 2, 2011

SO What/What I am loving Wednesday?


So What

if I've worn the elastic waist jeggings i got for christmas two days in a row (so far). They are comfortable and make my tush look pretty darn good if I do say so myself

that I had a chocolate chip pancake for breakfast...they were organic.

if I want up early to watch tlc's 19 kids and counting (sometimes the little couple) they are just so wholesome and happy. Its nice to see in a world with charlie sheen and his prostitutes that are some really NICE

if I am more excited about that fact that Glee is coming back on sunday then I am about the superbowl.

if I want to know how the movie "The RoomMate" ends without actually seeing it because I am too scared. Seriously I watch Dateline and get scared haha

And now What I am Loving:

I am loving

that it is wednesday and American idol is on and I get to see my new crush Steven Tyler. Hopefully I won't ball again like I did after seeing Chris Medina aka the guy whos finace was in a bad car accident.

that my girl Miss Britney Spears has a new album coming out!

The Lost Valentine with Jennifer Love Hewitt and Betty White

I really really enjoyed this movie. It was such a good story. and it totally made me wanna go out and get me some red lipstick and old fashion styled dresses. I swear I was born in the wrong era.....lookin at this guy didn't hurt either


that Katy Perry is coming to montreal!!!! Ahhh just need someone to go with me. Any takers? :)

all my bloggy friends!!! y'all are the best <3 xoxo


  1. i can't wait for glee to come back!! i've missed it!!
    and i think i'll be making myself some chocolate pancakes for breakfast this weekend ;) they sound so yummy and i've never made em!

  2. I wanna know how The Roommate ends too, but i dont wanna see it! I hate scary movies! Criminal Minds sometimes cares me, so i know i wouldn't be able to stand to sit through that movie!!

    You're loving some great things too! :)
    Cute blog!!


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