Thursday, March 11, 2010

the trouble with love

Hello Blogging world I've been gone to long!!

I've had alot going on! More tests on my belly..not fun and needless to say ..NOTHING HAS BEEN FOUND YET!! I'm kind of disencouraged...starting to feel like I'm crazy (a doctor asked me if I think I'm craziessss no joke) and now he seems to think theres a problem so go figure!!

In other news..there has been an update in the boy department! Don't get too excited I'm shaky ground! I guess I'll go back a bit so you can understand the Situation (and no not that guy from jersey shore..haha i can hear all the laughs I'm getting) anywho I met him on this trip I went on a couple of years ago and it hit me instantly! Actually it was kind of funny..friends of mine were totally gaga over him and i was that hes gonna looking but he's just a guy! Long story short he was really sweet and left a gift for me before we went off are separate ways (we live in different parts of the country)

fast forward 3 years to my prom and I decide to put myself out there and ask him to come here for it and he did. I was sooo excited for him to be here but I was a nervous wreck..boys were not a territory I was familar with or not in this big way before. We were getting along really well but I could put my heart on there and wasn't saying anything either..until the last day he was here i put my myself out there and things worked out really well. the next day i went home with him to meet his fam but on the plane he said "you are my best friend" I WANT TO JUMP OUT OF THE PLANE!!!! but I had to go and meet everyone anyways

needless to say ..broken hearted me...when I asked him what happened days later he said he never had feelings for me ever (enter knife to heart) I never really believed that because he initiated everything all the time and friends were like OMG he LIKES you

blah blah blah..he got back with his ex a couple months later (she treated on him like crap) ..they were gonna live together but it never happened and they aren't together

all that babble brings us to right now...a couple months ago he messaged me and i quickly answered but blew it off. he had some news this past couple weeks so we started talking (emailing)

this is where you guys come in!! He's been saying nice stuff... like a really miss (the place where I live) I miss you guys blabla
i don't know what to make of all this..AM I CRAZY FOR EVEN THINKING BOUT THE POSSIBILITIES? Is he just being friendly? like by u guys..what's he talking about?? he misses my parents too..weird no? or is that his way of protecting himself in case I shut him down..I'm ridiculous right? I think we can all agree on that...but seriously what would you do? I feel like were gonna run out of things to email about then where is that gonna leave us

I'm gonna try and up date every day!! sorry for the delay

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