Thursday, February 25, 2010

My Favorite Blogs

In honor of my first month of blogging I thought I'd share some of my fav blogs...ENJOY!!! (NEWLYWEDS!)one of my absolute favorites. I just discovered it recently. Her name is Ana and she's a newlywed. Her layout is cool it made me really wanna bling out mine. There's something about her blog that kinda reminds me of the tv show newlyweds nick and jessica.. she seems rly fun and her blog is pink obviously u can't go wrong

www. (Destined for Royalty) This girl (hailey) is also I newlywed and you totally get the feeling that shes the type of girl you wanna go for a drink with. She calls herself her royal heiness (those are her married initials HRH) and I think thats totally awesome because if u can't declare yourself royalty who can? The thing I love most is she wore red shoes for her wedding...I never knew you could do that..i always thought they had to be white but color is so much better. really gave her pics a great pop (Life After I Dew) Shes a Newlywed whos pregnant with her first baby! (a girl) her posts are so relatable and honest. I get a good kick out of them! super cute (Amber's Notebook) Amber has the best style...shes really creative!! She made her own version of a lady gaga outfit (not easy) she takes pics of her outfits everyday (keepin up with court's life) Her blog was the first blog I ever read and it made me wanna to create my own. Shes really fun and makes me laugh out loud (Nicole's guide to style: everything and anything) Nicole has great style!! Whenever she purchases something new I'm totally envious! She has sales on her blog (I bought dress from her) Shes a real girls girl and I love it

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  1. Courtney is hilarious!

    Awe thank you for your kind words, you are so sweet. xoxo


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