Thursday, February 25, 2010


To finish off my last post I watched the end of one tree hill and haley's mom died:( so sad I bawled my eyes out. So to everyone out there GO GIVE YOUR MOM A HUG.

Now that I got that out I'd let you in on what has been going on lately. Yesterday I went back to see the gastroenterologist and he said the lymph nodes mean anything. (don't get it but ok) He asked me if I thought my problem was in my head...he said since you don't really have life maybe thats it. Now hold on just a second..the whole reason why I don't go out is because I don't feel well. Before I got sick ..I had it all..went away to school, new friends,volunteering opportunites, 2 scholarships,job at the hospital, great teacher. Trust me if I could just make myself feel better I would be easier. then he asked me if i like to stick my fingers down my throat to throw up...again NO. hes going to send me for a gastroscopy and small intestine test. I understand that he has to ask these questions but its starting to make me feel like I AM CRAZY!! I wanted to cry because this isn't what I want and if I never get better I'm never gonna get my life back to normal. Next up...I am gonna call my gastroenterologist from when away at school and she what he thinks he knows me better than anyone!!

sorry for the rant I just need to get it out.. thanks for listening

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