Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Havin a Bangin Time

Happy Wednesday!!! Hope everyone's doing good!!

I've been feeling kind of funny the past couple of days...I feel there is something inside of me that is to come out. Its been there all along and I think all it needed was a little encouragement... I still can't figure out what it is exactly. Something strange happened this morning I looked in the mirror and i went from this

to this....

weird huh?
I think I know what's happening!! For the last couple of days I've been hibernating in the house.. watching The Big Bang Theory!!! I got my hands on the first and second season and can't stop watching!(Thank you Mom's friend at work who burnt it for me) It so funny I think I almost peed haha. Ahhhh the geeky goodness of it all...All I can say is WATCH THE SHOW!!

I have to go now..the comic book store just opened and I need to go there NOW LOL (just kidding)

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