Sunday, February 14, 2010


HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY EVERYONE!! Hope you're all eating tons of chocolate:D

Went to the hospital...was there from like 6:30am til 5:00pm so freakin long!! blood tests came back fine, urine fine, doctor a BITCH... she totally thought I was a faker. They were gonna let me leave but I was like come on! please help me..I can't go to school , can't go out, so she said ok we'll send you for an ultrasound. Went upstairs for the ultrasound and the technician said all my vital organs are great so I just started tell her everything thats been going on and how I don't want I'm gonna do if they don't something so I can get back to normal. so she brought in an expert radiologist and he used a different machine and found lymph nodes in my belly. I know have to go see a G.I specialist and everything I read on the net says lymph nodes mean either a terrible infection or cancer. I'm soooo scared now I don't know wat to do. I wanted them to find something but something they can fix.

no more reading the net for awhile or im gonna crazy lol

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