Thursday, February 11, 2010

its been too long


Hows everyone doing? I haven't been doing so well...just been feeling really sick! I still have a ton of nausea and pain in my kidneys! going for an ultrasound today and the emergency room tomorrow! fun I know. I always thought emerg was for people who are like about to have a heart attack but according to my family doctor thats what I have to do in order to see a specialist quickly. So I am writing off tomorrow as a total loss HAHA

I just want to start feeling better so I can get back to my life...this whole being sick thing is a waste of time:( I still don't know what the hell I'm going to do about school...i have to apply by march 1st but i dont have enough uni classes yet to transfer and if i don't get better i wont have them finished in time and it will be more time...HAVE I MENTIONNED A HATE BEING OFF

On a lighter note I thought I'd let you guys in on what my current obsessions are

1. Christina Aguilera Back to Basics Cd and DVD

Such a good feel good album ...I love it and just bought the live concert DVD and I love. (I saw her live as well) Definitely a good buy

2. The Bonnie Hunt Show

Such an awesome show!! She's so funny and down to earth...I can't believe it might be cancelled

I never really new anything about them until I started reading keepin up with court's life and loved it so I started reading more and thats when i started my own. Check out my reading list for some cool reads:)

4 CHOCOLATE!!!!!!!! (UH OH)
I never really ate a ton of dessert but ive been totally hooked on chocolate lately...a yummy but fattening addiction

I'm usually never hungry because of my nausea but I cant eat cuz I'm fasting for my ultrasound AND I AM STARVING!! I think its cause I know I can't

I promise I'll update more!! Have a great day

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