Thursday, February 25, 2010


It seems like everywhere people getting engaged,or falling in love or just plain being in love!! Entertainment tonight seems to annoncing an engagement every night like hilary duff, carrie underwood, kristen bell...etc (see photos below)

The blogs I've started reading are mainly those about newlyweds or people about to get married and they just seem so happy. I've always been the type thats always protects my heart after being hurt but I don't think its helping get what I want. I do even care about a wedding or anything (ok ok maybe a wedding wouldn't be bad) What I really want like is having a partner to have fun with and try new things a best friend your attracted too! I'm still waitin ...maybe it'll be me one day writing a newlywed blog

While we're on the subject of love I figure I'd tell you 10 things I love
1. CBS comedy mondays
2. Ben & Jerry's Cinnamon bun ice cream
3. My flannel martini pj's
5. Giuliana & Bill and keeping up with the kardashians
6. Ke$ha (Her cd is called the animal)
7. Floral print
8. Chocolate Milk ( I know I'm a 5 year old at heart)
9. Gilmore Girl reruns
10. Three's company and Golden Girls

What do you love?

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