Friday, February 19, 2010

Tiger the "Cheetah" Woods

So this morning at around 11am I was getting a geared up to watch ma ladies on the view as I do everyday. I was waiting for it to come on when all of a sudden this emergency report! just to back track a bit yesterday I was watching general hospital yesterday and there was an interruption for an amber alert so when something came up again today i thought there was another one today.

BUT NOOOOOOOOOO IT WAS FOR TIGER FREAKING WOODS!! I tried to change the channel but I could run away from his cheating face... he was on every channel. I could help but burst into laughter. It was like the president was speaking and I can't figure out why. Personally I could give a crap about Tiger Woods..he didn't cheat on me so I really think he should just be at home with his family who he does owe an apology too! I thought it was crappy speech that he didn't know at all, he had to read it and to be honest I'm over Tiger woods
what do you guys think?

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