Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Change Has Come

Wow I really need tp get better at updating! Holy Smokes its been to long. How are all my favorite bloggers?

I am not going to is 9pm and I am totally exhausted and doing everything i can to stay awake lol i know loser right? I am 20 going 85. I am surprised I don't have gray hair.

I try not to talk about being sick on the blog because I don't wanna be like oh woe is me when there are people with much worse things going. But its pretty much the biggest thing going on in my life right now. Its just a pain because I never have any relief from the nausea its there ALL the time and just gets worse when I move around alot or eat. Ever since I got sick I wake up at 5 no matter what time I go to bed and I never feel rested.

As you guys know I have been to every doctor humanly known to man and they all say that they can see I am not well but they can't figure out why. I was going to go to the Mayo clinic in minnesota but unfortunately my family insurance only cover emergencies in the states boo!

So they next thing I decided to try is a naturopath. I don't really believe in it but at this point I've got nothing to lose and everything to gain. So I went on Monday to see this woman and I'm not going to lie I felt as though she was a bit of a quack. We didn't really take about much...I had previously filled out a questionnaire so she just told me a bunch of supplements I was going to take and that I was going to have go on a strick anti inflammatory drainage diet for 6 weeks. Its basically no gluten, no sugar, no alcohol,no caffeine, no tomato, no potatoe, no red meat or pork, chicken breast only (no skin) So basically I will be eating grass for a month ha! I'll give you guys more details on grocery lists and what not and how I am going to tweak for myself tomorrow maybe some of you might wanted to join me on this cleansing journey (ok stop laughing)

I have also set up an appointment to go for a colon and liver cleanse with a I am not going to lie my mom made this appointment for me and I have no idea what it involves. and I am also going to go see and osteopath. the deal with body alignment and energy and what not.

Anywho I justed wanted to y'all a quick little update on whats been going on and where I have been. I'll have more details and stuff tomorrow. I also wanted to say a HUGE CONGRATS TO HILLARY from Southern spice and everything nice on getting her first teaching job!! Your students are very lucky to have you!! you go girl!!!

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