Wednesday, August 11, 2010

I don't know what gluten is but I like it!!


So I suck I was going to post more details about my cleanse and then felt really sick and never got around to it. I started it today and BELIEVE ME you should be glad your not on it. I have no clue what gluten looks like or what it specifically tastes like..all I know is I NEED it in my life. For breakfast I had a piece of gluten free bread with almond butter and let me just say god bless people who have celiac disease my goodness I do not know how the call it "bread".

For lunch I had a bowl of homemade vegetable soup with basmati rice in it and that was YumO! and then for dinner I had filet of sole with garlic and spanish rice. I little more plain then I am used to by it was pretty good. I hoping this is going to start getting easier as the days go on. The least fun part of this cleansing experience is the crappy natural meds I have to take. There are like five different drops that I have to put under my tongue and good lord do they ever taste bad. and let me just tell you I have to drink apple cider vinegar mixed with water before every meal. I don't what I was expecting but for some crazy reason it never occured to me that it would taste like Vinegar but holy moly does it ever.

Now your probably all saying WTF! Why do you just quit and believe although I haven't even been doing this 24 whole hours I have thought about it believe me but I have to give it a shot! Imagine if I can get better I finally start blogging about funner things than cleanse and being sick lol You guys could finally meet fun Aly...yes she does exist HA!

I wanted to share this clip with y'all that Mrs.Hesson posted the other day. It was so touch and made me cry. Its about a boy with cerebral palsy whose father who is suffering from health problems competed in the iron man race and various other marthons with his son. Things like this always remind you to stay positive and anything is possible.


  1. WOW! Go you! My nephew tried a gluten free diet for his Autism, but it didn't work and it was SO hard to follow his diet 24/7. gluten is in EVERYTHING!! You're a good woman, I would have given up asap.

  2. AHHH! I <3 glutten too! I <3 carbs! I would suck at doing a glutten free!


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