Monday, April 26, 2010

Yes, No, Maybe So?

Caution Readers: This is probably going to be a really long post and if or when you finishing reading it you may think I'm total Kook (if you don't already)

I am so beyond excited to share this with you. Yesterday was my Godmother's Birthday and to celebrate my mom, my godmother, their friend and I went to see an intuitive counsellor. Huh? Thats right an intuitive counsellor. This lady has a radio show, she's written a book,does personal sessions and performance like what I went. Some would say she is psychic but she hates that word and does not call herself that. She also has the ability to communicate( not see) with the dead

Now if any of you are like me at this point you are rolling your eyes. BELIEVE ME I GET IT... the most I do to participate the idea of ghosts and psychic ability is watch ghost feel me?

When we got there I thought O-M-G here we go with some yahoo who prays on the weak and vulnerable for living. There were about 50 people in the room and she would pick people and answer there questions. As she starting go through I kept thinking " I bet people are just going along with her because they are too embarrassed to say no your wrong. Then she choose my Godmother and Ladies and Gentlemen Boy was I WRONG

My godmother said "I've been going through a rough time lately..what do you see in the future?" This is where its gets scary folks! She was dead on (no pun intended HA) She said that she felt a tightening in her chest because my godmother likes to hold her feelings in (TRUE) She said you get migraines and have neck problems (TRUE..shes going for a ct scan of her head in 2 weeks) she told her there not medical they are related to stress (again TRUE..her doctor and therapist said it but they are doing the scan to be safe.) She talked all about my godmothers personality and my mom and I could stop laughing because she was spot. She said your the type of person to give someone 20 dollars and end up with nothing for youself..LITERALLY THAT HAPPENED WHEN WE WENT ON VACATION. she gave a guy who was staying in our hotel 20 dollars because he said he lost his luggage and he woud give it back but he never did. This wasn't the only example there so many more..

My godmother then asked her "my goddaughter has been really sick lately do you see anything with that?" Keep in my mind that I wasn't sitting close to my godmother. She all of a sudden grabbed the side of her throat and said I feel something in my thyroid. She said theres something with her endocrine system....her whole body is completely out of whack. Now people honest to god if I had to describe how I've felt these past couple months I would say I feel completely out of whack. I'm tired, I sometimes feel like fainting, I am nauseous. then she says theres something wrong with her eating (TRUE) Every time I eat it hurts and I'm nauseous all the time. For those of you who don't know I walk with a walker (I have cerebral palsy) and my walker wasn't in the room with me my mom had folded it and put it were it was not visible. The lady said to my godmother shes also had a big medical trauma right? (YES)

SHUT UP RIGHT NOW I KNOW HOW CRAZY IS THAT!?! I decided then and there that I had to ask her a question or 2 myself. So at the end I went up to her and I just said my life has been really screwed up lately with a millions things going and I wanna know what you see. she didn't have alot of time because there were tons of people behind me. She said I feel a very creative vibe from you but you hold back. (TRUE) I'm rly shy. Music is a big part of your life ( dad and I rly bond over it) and I get the writer vibe (hello I started this blog) She said I have a gift that I haven't tapped into yet.

my grandpa (well my grandmas bf til she died) died 3 years ago and I asked her about him. She said first of all I don't see stepgrandfather ..he just might has well been yours. He was a man to pick favorites but when it came to you there was no doubt. She said that I was born with a pure heart and thats what brought us together and he wanted me to know that I'm still his girl, his angel. At this point i was balling my eyes out lol Somehow of nowhere she said you're absolutely beautful and don't let anyone take that away from you or tell you different. to be honest I have rly low self esteem I was really bullied in high school and it stuck with me. I never feel good enough. I think it was odd that she just said that out of nowhere

do you believe in psychics?

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