Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Clothes,Clothes and More Clothes

It's Wishful Wednesday over at The Seattle Smiths I was super excited when I saw that this week's topic is I wish' I had my personal closet and could shop from it daily. I love clothes and fashion like its my job. Every since I was a little girl an outfits would totally change my day. If I was happy with what I was wearing I'd walk around as proud as a peacock with my head held high.

So without further ado

I wish' .... I had Urban Outfitters as my personal closet and could shop from it daily.

I am so upset that I can order online from this store. you see there this whole stupid fight that has been going on in Quebec for a long time. The french separatists would like Quebec to separate from the rest of canada and turn completely french and get rid of all the english. so because urban outfitters didn't have a french version of there site they shut it down for Quebec residents until they fix it...I know shitty right?

My Dad is always saying how if we won the loto the first thing he would do is build me a walk in closet for me (Boy does he know his little girl) I would love to have urban outfitters at my disposal without having to max out my favorite piece of plastic I like to call Ms. better half

Honorable Mention goes out to J Crew (we don't have on in Canada) Planet Blue and Anthropologie. Let it be known that I never purchase from these wallet doesn't allowed but oh if only I could

what are your favorite stores?


  1. Oh I just LOVE urban outfitters. The one by where I live has a lot of great(random) home decor!

  2. Oh this is a good one, you're the only one that picked this and I'm surprised!!

  3. I live in Gatineau Quebec and I just got something shipped here from Urban Outfitteres....I love the store too. xo


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