Saturday, June 12, 2010

Her Royal Higness

I’d heard of blogs and blogging but I never read any or had anything to do with them then when I got sick and was home ALL day EVERY day. I happened to stumble onto someone’s blog through one of the daily sites I go on. From there are started finding more and reading more. It became a great to keep myself occupied during the day.
I found the idea of blogging pretty awesome. The idea of getting to learn things from people all over the world from many different walks of life is so cool. With a couple clicks of a button you can bring joy to someone’s day, make them feel like their not alone or simply that there’s someone understands you. I think sometimes we get so caught up and we forget to check in with our own emotions.

I came across Hailey’s blog I few months ago and it might sound silly but she totally change my perspective on life and it made take a good look at myself and see that there were something I need to fix. Her blog is called Destined for Royalty (I know cute right!?!) and its all about her journey down the aisle (she’s now a newlywed) and its all about her life and being newly married. Hailey has name herself “Her Royal Highness” now only because she’s totally fab and deserves a crown but her initials are actually HRH. If read Hailey’s blog you know that she carries herself with confidence and respect for herself. She believes that she deserves the best the world has to offer and you know what?.... she’s absolutely right!!! Every girl out there deserves to be treated like she royalty (no that doesn’t mean spending tons of money)

I have always considered myself a last priority. I always put everyone before me. I never believed that I deserve anything good I just chalk it up to people feeling sorry for me. Logically I know I’ve worked hard for the things I’ve gotten but I never feel it. II’m that girl that laughs when I’m given a complement and shrugs off any attention that comes on me as quickly as possible. Ladies you feel me? I realize now from Hailey that in order to attract the good things in your life you have to open to the possibility that god has to offer and you have to believe that you deserve that goodness. That is when it’ll come to you.
I realize now that I do deserve attention and I do deserve positive things. I just need to open myself to the idea.
I emailed Hailey and she is a complete doll. Not only is she beautiful and the greatest wedding planner ever (holy moly u should see the pics I think its honest the most beautiful and original wedding I’ve ever seen) and she was sweet enough to tell me about similar rough patch she went through I would have never thought that would happen to such a wonderful girl

So here’s to you Hailey! I think your fab and no one wear the title of her highness as well as you!!! Matt is a lucky man!! Follow her at

To All the girls out there I crown you princess or Queen of your life/ You deserve to live your own version of a fairytale what ever that may be☺ Some days your foot will swell and that glass slipper won’t fit but it is just a little water retention lol you’ll good as new in the morning still as beautiful if not more beautiful then Cinderella..

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  1. I too read Hailey's blog -- so fun!! Glad she impacted you as well as the blogging world!


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