Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Blog Challenge day 10: Boo!

Happy Hump Day!! I'm finally caught up on the blog challenge!! Today's topic is something your afraid of. Get ready to laugh because I am afraid of alot of things.

Birds: They share the living daylights out of me. I feel like they are always staring at me like the want to peck me to death or something.

Anytime of Rodent: I don't think I need to explain....just ewwwwwww!

Public Speaking: My hands start to sweat and stutter like its my job. I always talk at a mile a minute cause the faster i go the quicker its over.

Scary Movies: Hello! ...Its SCARY! why would I want to put myself through that. I've never seen one nor do I plan too

Walking alone at night: I hate it and will do anything to have someone with me!

What are you afraid of??


  1. Visiting from the 30 Day Blog Challenge! I am with you on the birds. They totally stare at me and I wonder what they are thinking.


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