Tuesday, October 12, 2010

thanksgiving weekend and some thoughts

How is everyone doing? I gotta start off by saying what the H-E- double hockey sticks is going on in Hollywood right now? I turned on Access Hollywood to find out Christina Aguilera and her Hubby are splitting up!!! What?!? I always thought they were such a cute couple and seem so genuine and in love. Sad for them:( seems like everyone in hollywood is breakin up...must be something in the water.

Does anyone watch Dancing with the Stars? I am so glad the situation got voted off. Thank goodness and good riddens. I am probably alone on this one but I can not bare to watch Jersey Shore and I refuse to even turn it on!! To you Mr. Situation I would like to say PLEASE PUT YOUR SITUATION AWAY...ALONG WITH YOU DANCING SHOES. Did anyone see Mrs. Brady's rated R dancing that included full on Gyrating. I felt the urge to look away but good for her for keepin things spicy at 75. Does anyone else think Bristol Palin and Mark are a couple? He seems to be really into her..or is it just me?

Now that I got that off my mind I thought I'd share with you my thanksgiving weekend. Our tradition for the past couple years has been to go to my auntie M and uncle A's for dinner and we sleepover!! They are my great aunt and uncle and I could not love them more if I tried. I love every minute I spend with them. My uncle is a young 94 and hes soooo funny. Although he is not in tip top shape his mind is sharp as a tack. He's witty, funny and smart. (and he still has the hots for my aunt and keeps notice of the ladies around him haha) He's diabetic and loves dessert. He always tries to get me to sneak him and extra piece of cake cause Auntie M might say no. I CAN'T say NO. He's 95 who I am to say no ..hes not a child so it makes me feel but i give him very small piece and tell my aunt afterwards. They are still so loving and get along so well. I hope to find what they have someday. They've been married for 55 years. My aunt is sooo amazing too. Shes 84 and in such great shape. you would maybe give her 70. She takes care of him, she drives and they go out alot together. She made a wonderful turkey dinner with all the fixins. I got to spend time with my baby cousin who is 5. He is so cute. I never met him before and now I just love him we had a ball. Also got to chat with other cousin so that was nice. Love catching up with the fam.

The next day Chelsea my dog went outside and got all these burs stuck in her and one close to her eye. the poor thing. She went and got shaved and the vet today and she looks so cute I'll post pictures tomorrow:)

Exciting news!! the new layout should be up tomorrow or by thursday the latest

What did you do this weekend?

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