Saturday, October 23, 2010

Blog Challenge Day 13: Goals,Goals,Goals

Happy Saturday Y'All!!! What are you up to today? We are celebrating my mom's birthday (its on monday). Every year my godmother and mom's best friend makes her famous spagetti with italian sausage, meatballs and ribs. To finish it of she gets a cake from the best bakery EVER!! Needless to say I am drooling at the mere though of all the yuminess! Hope I'm actually able to eat!

And Now to the Blog Challenge Day 13: Goals. I think it so great to have goals but sometimes it gets me in trouble. I set so many for my self and expect so much from myself that sometimes it feels like I can't breathe. theres so many things that I want for myself that forget to be proud of what I am doing.

Finish my undergrad degree as fast as possible when I am better and back to school
Get healthy: I really want the doctors to figure out whats wrong with me like yesterday. I'm working hard to do whatever I can to get better and I finally do I want to create workout plan and be as healthy as possible so I never have to go through this again.
Really start to enjoy my twenties and have as many experiences as I can while I am still young and only am responsible for myself and before I graduate and have to get a full time job.
Get back into volunteering
live on my own
Learn to love myself
Find what happy means to me and just be it

Being sick has really shakin up my world. I thought I had everything figured out and the all of sudden everything i worked so hard for is gone (for now) School and volunteering and being so busy was such a big part of my life and not being able to do that right now really made me feel like a failure and sad. but I'm trying to take this time as lesson and learn as much I can until we figure whats wrong with my stomach.

What are your goals?


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  2. Great goals! I am your newest follower!

  3. great goals! hope you start to feel better soon. i'm your newest follower!


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