Wednesday, October 20, 2010

I'm a Jess LC ambassador!

If you haven't checked out Jess at Make Under My Life your missing out. Go there right now! (Ok not right now but when your done reading this post) Jess is such an amazing woman has such a wonderful site. She is so inspiring and believes on living life with intention and have your life be about having less stuff. I think its an incredible idea and I've totally embraced and I am working on living my life the same way.

Not only is Jess an amazing person but she is also a very talent Jewellery designer. Her company is called JessLC and she makes the post beautiful Jewellery. I want everything! (Hello Christmas list) My favorite is the Franklin Collection because it features necklaces with inspiring words on them. But WAIT it gets better on the other side of the necklace it has the word but in braille (for those of you who don't its the language blind people use to read) How COOL is that!! I have a few friends who are blind and I think it is so awesome that she made them accessible to everyone.

So I have become a JessLC ambassador! What does that mean? It means that I am lover of her Jewellery and I want everyone to know about it. thats why you'll see this lovely button on my blog from now on

I wanted to be an ambassador because I really feel like Jess's positive attitude and outlook on life is part of her jewelry because it comes from her heart. so who would want to wear beautiful jewelry with positive energy

hopefully I'll have a give away for you guys soon!!!! Come back later for the blogger challenge day 10!

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  1. Thank you so much, Aly, for such a sweet, heartfelt post! It's great to hear that you love the Franklin collection :).

    I'm also so happy to know you also love MML as well!

    Good luck on the 100 Kisses Giveaway!


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