Friday, September 24, 2010

9 Things you don't know & new carrie underwood video

TGIF!! Woohoo! Hope you all have good weekend.

Today is day 2 of the blogger challenge and the top is Nine things about yourself that most people don't know so here goes...
*Note* This is hard cause I don't think I have alot of secrets..we'll see haha

{One} I am totally afraid of being Raped or Murdered. Blame it on too many episodes of dateline and my Dad being my chauffeur my whole life. I don't like walking late at night even if its with other people, I hate getting into taxis (funny thing is I have to use them to get to school), I am neurotic about locking the doors and closing windows, I hate being alone and when I am any noise freaks me out and omg you going to think I am nut but I never walk into a dark room without turning the light on even if I am going to be.

{Two} I've always wanted to be blonde. My eyebrows are very dark so I think it will always been be a dream.

{Three} I can't smile with my mouth closed. I don't know why but if I try to smile with my mouth closed I look ridiculous. Instead I smile and look like a walking set of teeth. I'm super self conscious about my mouth. You see my gums are lower then they are supposed to be so you see alot of them and I don't like. When I was 17, I went a specialist of like the mouth and face I think to talk about getting surgery that would involve getting my jaw broken so they could pull my gums up. They'd have to so my mouth shut with elastic to let it heal and they said my face would be swollen for over a year. I was all for it but my parents said no. Oh well I had really bad teeth before having braces so I am super judgemental of peoples teeth and feel bad for them if they're not good. I know I'm bad!


Can you say hello teeth?

{four} I don't know how to turn the stove (its ok go ahead ...laugh)
I know I know its terrible!! My parents cook for me all the time so I've never had to. They always say its easier if we do it so you don't drop something. I do want to learn and am ashamed that I don't know how.

{five} I don't like wine or beer (GASP!)

{Six} I don't like eating in front of other people.
I know it's weird but I don't eat in front of people makes me uncomfortable. I always want I look or what people are thinking of my food choices or dropping something.

{Seven} My own nudity makes me very uncomfortable. I don't care if people around only have dressed or something like that but I hate not being fully clothed. I feel completely out of sorts and want to hide even if I am by myself lol

{Eight} I sometimes like to wear a ring on my wedding finger.
It's stupid and such a girl thing but I do. I wear my grandma's engagement and wedding rings on my middle finger normally but every once and awhile I move them over to that special finger and like how it looks.

{Nine} Every time I see and elderly person I want to go hug them

And as promised the last Carrie Underwood video for Mama's song. Its so good!!! I've watched it 3 times. It totally makes my heart smile. Its so cute to see her with her husband they seem very in love. ENJOY.


  1. I'm totally afraid of being murdered/raped/kidnapped too! Mine's from too much news, 20/20 and CSI though.

    PS Did you find me on Facebook?


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