Monday, September 27, 2010

when you wish upon a star..blogger challenge day 5

{one} I wish I could have a magic wand that would make my hair look perfect and my make flawless.

{two} I wish I wasn't so far away from my bff's K&J.

{three} I was my grandparents that have passed were still here. I'd love a big hug!!

{four}I wish I wasn't such a people pleaser. Sometimes I wish I could go on a vacation by myself and just have a week where I get to do everything that I want. No caring about what people want or need. Just what I want. no guilt, no giving just plain old Aly time.

{five}I wish I had never accidently been in computer programming class and turned off the girl next to me's computer think it was mine. Omgoodness!!! I'll never forget that poor girls face. She was working on a project and she hadn't saved it. I've never felt so bad in my entire life. I thought my computer tower was on the left and I kept pressing but my screen wasn't turning off then I looked over and saw her staring at me. Opps! I could only imagine the names she wanted to call me.

{six}I wish I was smart enough to know what was going then and be strong enough now to know I deserve better. I'm working on it!! I haven't talk to him for month and he hasn't tried to contact me. I didn't think he would. I realize now I don't think he'll ever be my prince charming.(even though I'd really like him to be.) I also wish he wasn't in all my prom photos lol

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