Wednesday, September 22, 2010

What I am Loving Wednesday!!!

Happy Hump Day Y'All. Hope everyone is having a good week ...only 2 days left and then TGIF Woot Woot!

What I am loving today...

{One} Reading! I have really got into reading in the last couple of weeks. With TV being BORING with a capital B reading was a great alternative and I'm enjoying it! Right Now I am reading A New Earth by Eckhart Tolle. It was Oprah's book club list. I didn't like it at first and was gonna stop reading then he said in the book that if you didn't like the book or found it boring that it was ok it just means you weren't ready for the change. I was like screw you I am ready and kept reading and now I like it :) What are y'all reading?

{Two} The fact that I can soon good back to my wonderful uggs!! I don't you guys but I have missed my comfy cozy uggs and I can't wait to have em back in my life.

{Three} Last nights Glee episode! It was fantabulous wasn't it!! I really enjoyed the songs and I may or may not have a girl crush on Lea Michele

{Four} The movies that are coming out! I really want to see Easy A with Emma Stone. Its about a girl who pretends to lose her virginity. Looks funny. I also want to see You Again with the hysterical Betty White and Kristen Bell( its about a girl whos brother brings home his fiance and she is her enemy from high school) and Life As We Know It with Katherine Heigl and Josh Duhmel ( its about two people whose friends die and they are left to take care of their daughter. They don't get along and have never taken care of a child so it looks like a hoot!)

{Five} Carrie Underwood's video for the song Mama's song is coming out on friday and her Mom and Hubby are going to be in it. I really love the song so I think it'll be good. I'll post it when it comes out:)

{Six} Oprah! I love the season so far and her website has alot of interesting articles on it. She also has a podcast itunes that you guys should totally check out!

Check back later for a new blog challenge I am going to participate in! can't wait to share with ya'll <3


  1. Thanks for playing along!

    I loved Glee last night too and all those movies look super funny :)

  2. Glee was SO good last night, and I am seriously so excited for the Britney episode. Can't WAIT!!! :)


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