Sunday, September 5, 2010

Not just a wedding...

Had and interesting talk with the lovely V from Sole Matters (shes fab go check her out...after you read this of course) about wanting to be married. Before entering the blog world I never thought about weddings or my own at all but I did think about finding a life partner and a teammate. For some reason the idea of dating never appealed to me. Never in my mind did I picture myself dating around I just imagine meeting one person and boom that would be it. I realize this is not exactly logical. I've grown up to realize this might be a crazy idea and slightly naive but I still really don't like dating. Granted, I've never had a "real" relationship or boyfriend so I may be out of the loop. Having a disability and walking with a walker kind of makes the male species run in the opposite direction romantically speaking.I always just wanted to find that one person who takes my breath away, makes me smile and treats me like a princess everyday. I want someone I can laugh with and tell all my secrets too. I want to find that someone whose not afraid to be himself around me and that I can be myself around. No makeup, no fuss, just having fun being together. Some to walk through life with and be there to hold each other when the world gets tough. When were old, wrinkly and grey I still want to reach out and hold his hand and still feel so hopelessly in love. Hopefully he's out there:)...To go with the lovey nature of this post I thought I'd a clip from one of my favorite movies Ps I love you! Enjoy!
* side note* if future hubby looks like gerard butler and has an accent I wouldn't be opposed

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